XNSPY for Android and iOS Devices


You will find many modern apps in the world today and each app has a unique range of features that offer advantages for users. Among the many useful apps in the world right now is XNSPY, which offers a wide range of monitoring and surveillance features. XNSPY for Android and iOS Devices are offering most beneficial aspects to users.

Once installed on the target’s cell phone or via iCloud, users can monitor everything on an Android and any iOS device. Businesspersons who have a mobile workforce have gained a lot from using such apps. Here’s a spying app review that explains the advantages business owners have with using such apps.

Spying App Review of 7 Features

Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Text Messages and Emails

XNSPY for Android and iOS DevicesFrom the control panel, users can access various features, including access to the incoming and outgoing text messages on the target cell phones. You can read entire threads of conversations via texts and emails (on Gmail) without compromising your stealth mode. Moreover, the app comes with the inbuilt “Watchlist Words”, and “Watchlist Email Addresses” features, which inform you whenever the target person converses with watchlisted people. The app sends an alert to you via email.

Monitor Internet Messengers

XNSPY for Android and iOS DevicesEvery cell phone has apps like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, and Kik installed on them, or users can easily download and install these apps on their cell phones. However, in the case of company-issued cell phones, business owners often have concerns about employees using these apps for personal use while they are at work. Some companies have policies against installing such apps and using company issued cell phones for personal use. Therefore, employers can make the most of this feature in this app to monitor what their employee share via IM chats.

Monitor Installed Apps

XNSPY for Android and iOS DevicesNot just internet messengers, but gaming apps, online gambling apps, and many others can be a reason for distraction at work. Because this app allows remote access to the target device, users can block unwanted apps and the target person would need permission to use it. Companies that issue cell phones to their mobile workforce and make sure that their team dedicated works without distraction through this feature. This helps boost productivity and improves customer satisfaction, which is important for the company’s reputation.

Monitor Locations

XNSPY for Android and iOS DevicesKnowing where the mobile team is at any given time is necessary for employers who have a mobile workforce. Through the GPS tracking and Geofencing tool inbuilt into the app, users can easily check the control panel and keep track of their target cell phone user. The app uses Google Maps to show the exact location of the target person and provides real-time location updates.

Access Photos and Videos

XNSPY for Android and iOS DevicesSometimes, employers find it necessary to screen the data on the target employees’ cell phone. From the control panel, employers can check what goes on in the photo and video albums to make sure there is no form of sexual harassment going on. Besides, sometimes, company owners may have to make sure that their disgruntled employees don’t steal sensitive information by taking unauthorized photos of their products and documents.

Monitor Call Logs and Phonebook Contacts

XNSPY for Android and iOS DevicesSometimes, checking up on whom the target person converses with and checking call logs can allow employers know that they can trust their employee. Espionage is common nowadays and competitors send spies disguised as potential workers. To make sure that the person they’ve employed, company owners can regularly keep checks on the contacts list and call logs. If there are signs of espionage, business owners can take necessary action in good time.

Use Surround Recordings and Call Recording

XNSPY for Android and iOS DevicesUsers of this monitoring app can remotely turn on the recorder and listen to discussions happening in the proximity of the cell phone. Unlike Total Recall, there are no limitations on the devices XNSPY works, because it works on all kinds of Android and iOS devices. Not just from an employer’s perspective, but as parents too, this feature can prove helpful. The app also automatically records calls and uploads them to the control panel for you to listen later.

In addition to the features mentioned in this spying app review, the app offers some others too. The main advantage the app offers is that users can remain undetectable because the app doesn’t occupy too much space on the target device. It doesn’t cause the battery to run down too soon and doesn’t cause the phone to hang. Overall it’s a reliable app for monitoring cellphones and tablets.




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