Warp Shift for iPhone


Warp Shift by familiar Fishlabs is sensational puzzle game that forces you to think outside the box. If global users are real fan of puzzles, then this Warp Shift for iPhone is definitely a must-have in your game collection. Altogether it is making global users entertained.

The Warp Shift puzzle game is expediently developed in 3-D with eye catching landscapes and environments in the background that relatively appear to be hand-painted. The model character of Pi, the little girl that you’re assisting through a boxy labyrinth, is pragmatically well planned. It certainly feels like she is truly alive on your screen thanks to the fluid movements.

The colors are vivid so it’s nice eye candy on your screen, and all animations are imaginative, even when navigating through the level selection screen. The soundtrack to the game is pulsating, and sound effects of nature are soft. Warp Shift effectively features five several worlds that comprise 15 levels each. The users have to get through each stage in order to move on to the next.

Warp Shift for iPhone

It’s perfectly designed to be a title to help you unwinds and relax after a long day, though if you like to challenge yourself. The users could earn three stars on each puzzle. The users need the stars to unlock the other worlds though. This actually helps to give them a clear cut answer on how to solve a puzzle.

The best thing about the stars is the fact that the game explains you how many moves you could make until you lose that star. It also indicates that a puzzle could be efficiently solved in just that many moves if you try hard enough.

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