U-Nest: Save Money for Kids


When I saw U-Nest: Save Money for Kids iOS app developed by U-Nest, LLC on the App Store, I was interested by the features, and knew that it was something unique that I had to try out. If you’re a passionate fan of unique investment app with little to no guidance, well, U-Nest: Save Money for Kids iOS app will be right up your accolade.

This familiar app is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app that adeptly establishes and manages a tax-free college fund for your child in minutes. The passionate users can start saving for your kids’ future with as little as $25/ month. The adept experts agree that a “529 College Savings Plan” is the most optimal way to save money for educational expenses due to its tax advantages and investment options.

So after making the plan, the U-Nest app securely links to your bank account to automatically transfer money each month into your child’s plan. Additionally the app also allows you understand with a glance at your phone, how close you are to reaching your savings goal so that your child can pay for their education, debt-free.

It is also conveyed that U-Nest is a fully accredited, registered financial advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. They are also wholly backed by a team of experienced acumen financial experts and advisors with decades of experience.

U-Nest: Save Money for Kids

Important Features of U-Nest: Save Money for Kids

Easy to Setup – Setup an account in five minutes with no long or confusing paper applications needed to start investing.

Tax-free growth – Stop worrying about your kids’ future and make the most of your investment returns via U-Nest tax-free college savings plan.

Easy tracking – Users can adjust their monthly contribution anytime; track your tax-free projected growth, and asset allocation for your account.

Personalized Goals –Possible to establish your future goal with U-Nest college calculator and choose an amount that is right for you based on your budget, your child’s age, and type of school.

Simple and fast – Easy to view account balance; change contribution plans and manages transactions at the touch of a button.

Affordable – Start investing in your child’s future with as little as $25/ month. U-Nest makes saving easier for every budget group.

Security – U-Nest wholly uses bank-level security and the strongest browser encryption to keep your sensitive financial data safe.

U-Nest: Save Money for Kids

Flexibility – U-nest efficaciously works by giving each of your kids a dedicated savings account. Also set goals in seconds, view account balance, change contribution plans as per your budget, and manage transactions, all from your mobile phone. Save money for kids and start investing to help your kids achieve their goals.

Personalized Investment portfolio – U-Nest picks the best investment portfolio for your child based on your child’s age and when they will need the money for their education. Your portfolio is constantly optimized to achieve the best asset allocation as your child becomes older.

Investments managed by Invesco – All your investments are expediently managed by Invesco, one of the best investment management firms in the United States with over 80 years of experience managing over $988 billion in assets under management. They are the quality way to save and invest for your kids.


U-Nest charges a simple monthly advisory fee of $3 per account*. The fee is collected by the same method of payment as selected for your investment contribution account.

U-Nest: Save Money for Kids

Enumeration of how U-Nest Works

Your U-Nest 529 Plan is constantly optimized behind the scenes to guarantee that your money is invested in the smartest possible way given the age of your child and the expected risks and returns of stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles.

Additionally with U-Nest you can simply adjust your monthly contribution at any time with the touch of a button. Also understand what your final savings amount will be given expected investment returns. U-Nest makes savings and investing for every income group so easy.

In conclusion I highly suggest picking up U-Nest: Save Money for Kids iOS app developed by U-Nest, LLC if you are a zeal fan of this kind of genre and have not used before. It is highly recommended for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a beneficial investment app. So save and invest for your kids’ future now.



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