Treeceps app is a fitness adventure where your daily activity and workouts shape a digital world. This popular app tracks your daily steps and flights climbed. It also provides personalized strength training workouts that can be performed either at home or at the gym based on the equipment available.

All exercises comprise detailed instructions and high quality animations in order to ensure you’re performing them correctly. Moreover everything you do in the real world produces content in the digital world like new animals, grass to feed them, and additional lighthouse levels, helping you to stay motivated.

Important Features of Treeceps

  • Treeceps is available extensively for Apple devices; build from the ground up with latest Apple technologies.
  • Metal based rendering offers an immersive world with simulated daytime, weather, incredible lighting effects and detailed exercise animations
  • iCloud sync permits you to collect steps on your iPhone during the day and admire your progress on your iPad at home
  • Core Motion analysis makes you collect steps in real time

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