Total Recall for Android


If recording calls for app users become difficult, then this is the best Call Recorder you really require to have. Total Recall is simpler to use and possible to comprise all the beneficial features you’ll require. Moreover it has been actively engineered to provide most stable & reliable call recording possible.

This popular app is so safe at the benefit of the available Android API’s and device limitations. Total Recall on the other hand has many ranges of proprietary methods, both for rooted & non-rooted devices which literally enable full, two sided, true call recording on millions of Android devices that other apps relatively don’t.

They have interface which makes it easy to get to grips with. The automatic call recording makes things quick and easy when a call comes in. The users could also name and organize clips. It is also possible even changing the audio format. There are lots of settings and tweaks to permit you to get the right experience you’re searching for.

Total Recall for Android

If you’re in a serious situation where you need monitoring your calls for whatever reason, you like to be using the right tool. That’s precisely what Total Recall for Android is, the right tool for the job. The automatic call recording is sensational for those that don’t want to fiddle with the device when they’re on the phone and the ability to rename each clip is really advantageous.

It is only Android product which provides a true “Sync” with the cloud feature, so the users could simply bring all of your recordings over to a new device. The Total Recall for Android could record calls on more devices than any other existing app. They don’t have ads. With free, the passionate users could get what you pay for. In this modern world of technology Call recording isn’t just for businesses these days. They have come across where users who record calls with dying family members and friends as a last reminder. It also supports direct sharing from their app to Whatsapp, so it’s easy to share funny calls.

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