The Incident

The Incident

Everything in the globe is falling down and developing a mountain of platforms to climb. Primarily it’s up to you to make it to the top and find the cause of The Incident. You can tilt to steer your character around the screen and tap to jump.

You can try to avoid getting whacked on the head or completely buried by cars, ladders, plane propellers, and more. In addition power-ups and power-downs will float into the screen by balloon, adding even more chaos to the scene. The game expediently features three modes including multiplayer via Apple TV.

Key Features of The Incident

  • Supercool 8-bit pixel art with Retina display support
  • Best chiptune soundtrack
  • Exciting 7 levels to explore and survive in “The Rise & Fall of Frank Solway”
  • Join competitive multiplayer games on your Apple TV in “Coincidents”
  • You can dodge and jump as high as you can in “Endless Nightfall”
  • Score sharing with Game Center
  • Hundreds of unique objects, hundreds of ways to die
  • Have The Award Room, where you recall your adventures
  • The elusive “B-mode”
The Incident

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