Tactic Master – RTS Battle

Tactic Master – RTS Battle

Though sometimes I do feel like I’ve experienced the best game app features that the Play Store has to offer, I can’t assist but always be on the search out for new game app titles that may surprise up, and Tactic Master – RTS Battle developed by RayTron Lab is certainly one of them.

How to play better

  • Know your enemies, their strengths and weaknesses
  • Check the battlefield
  • Choose your warriors wisely
  • Embark into an epic clash of magic, iron and tactics

You do not need to eliminate all your enemies to win. Getting your troops to the enemy base will be enough. But remember that only winning the battle with the least losses will make you a true tactic master.

Tactic Master – RTS Battle

You have various guys in the game, 22 units in total:

1. Melee Warriors

  • 3 lightweight melee guys that is very fast to deploy
  • 4 heavyweight melee guys

2. Ranged warriors

  • 2 with firearms
  • 1 with grenade attack
  • 1 with lethal gas attack

3. Magic warriors

  • 2 with freezing attacks: effect varies according to the warrior
  • 1 with vortex attack
  • 1 mage to convert enemy troops: effect varies according to the warrior
  • 1 with electric attack: effect varies according to the warrior

4. Special Warriors:

  • 1 lays landmines
  • 1 calls airstrike every 25 seconds
  • 1 guy with explosive belt
  • 1 medic: when deployed, he adds 30 HP to all your units every 3 seconds

5. Monster Warriors:

  • 1 spider
  • 1 skeleton

Different Modes in the game

You have actually 3 modes in the game:

Campaign mode:

There are series of levels where you are given enemy troops selection and a battlefield so you need to choose the right warriors and win the battle.

There are some restrictions in this mode to avoid that the game become too easy. However, you have the studio mode where you can do whatever you want.

Tactic Master – RTS Battle

What are the restrictions?

  • Every unit has a cost and in campaign mode you cannot exceed your enemy units total cost.
  • You can only spend 4000 coins by unit: this is to avoid that you use only one strong unit to win the battle
  • You have to select at least 3 of the 22 units described above.
  • You cannot have exactly the same enemy warriors.

Studio mode:

You select your enemy warriors, the battlefield and your own warriors. There are restrictions in the studio mode but the battles should not last too long. Do have mercy on your phone’s battery.

Random mode: Has Random Battles

In conclusion Tactic Master – RTS Battle game app developed by RayTron Lab is certainly something that’s so much different on the Play Store, which is always refreshing to experience these days. The game features are attractive and the controls are simple enough for anyone to learn on the go.




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