Space Dozer for Android


The Apps Rankr experts are professionally enumerating about latest Android puzzle game called Space Dozer. If professional game lovers adore Sokoban, then everyone prefers Space Dozer for Android.

Space Dozer for Android is qualitatively based on the reputed Sokoban, however every relevant level in Space Dozer has cogent possible solutions with optimum solution feature. Space Dozer for Android was efficaciously marveled by d14Studios firm who consider themselves specialist in game development.

The main concept of this Space Dozer for Android game is to actively eliminate the uninhabitable planets of the galaxy. The passionate users are provided with a powerful space dozer so it is easier in achieving for pushing planets in groups or hatches connected to relevant black holes. The effective situation would conclusively result where all planets are aligned so that they would be consumed largely by the black hole and the level would be wholly completed.