Navigate to Photo

Navigate to Photo

Navigate to Photo is a handy app that expediently offers functionality you never knew you needed. In addition the extension must first be activated through a quick setup process that’s detailed within the app. Once activated the users are able to access the extension with just a tap and instantly receive coordinates for any photo that includes location data.

Navigate to Photo adeptly permits you to select up to five photos at once, and supports all of your favorite navigation apps comprising Apple Maps, Google Maps, MotionX, and even Lyft.

Key Features of Navigate to Photo

  • You can select up to 5 photos, see all of them on the map simultaneously and navigate to the one of your choice.
  • Perfect Innovative auto-detection of navigation apps available on your device
  • Incredibly simple to set up the list of your favorite navigation apps, can be re-arranged for your convenience
  • It is strive to keep our list of supported navigation apps as complete as possible
Navigate to Photo

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