Knotmania app is as odd of a game as it is assuaging. In addition each level puts you in a room with alien creatures that resemble worms. The main objective is to untangle them before time expires.

The users are able to utilize multiple fingers to grab and pull at the creatures, and swipe across the bottom of the screen to rotate them. The game includes 76 rooms, iCloud support, and an untimed Zen mode.

Important Features of Knotmania

  • It is perfectly designed for touch screen: multitouch controls – drag/slide string with any finger.
  • There are 76 rooms and knots each flavored with unique concept, atmosphere and music.
  • Enjoy In-house physics simulator of knots
  • Has Physically realistic realtime soft shadows
  • Dynamic sounds effects by Fractures Audio: create a soundscape that reacts to your play.
  • You can compete with your friends on GameCenter in 3 leaderboards: Score, Levels, Golden Tangle
  • Zen Mode: No time constraints focus on puzzle.

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