justAnote for Android


With the help of justAnote for Android the global users could easily add a written call note or voice memo at the end of your phone calls with key detail that you would cinch never forget. It is also enumerated that he call notes could then be sent directly to the person of your selective choice to family, friend members or even your personal assistant.

You don’t have menace of forgetting why an individual called you. The justAnote for Android app efficiently keeps an updated contact list of your recent calls and the exact reason for the call. All is listed in a detailed call log which professionally comprise all the call notes and voice memos you have taken? It is also vividly enumerated that interactive contact list includes all your call notes which is always ready to recall and naturally contains up-to-date details with new notes about your upcoming activities.

justAnote for Android

When users had efficiently completed a task, they could delete the call note and move on to the next one. justAnote adeptly permits you to take new call notes with contacts and activities. This is actually done without congesting your contact list with people and numbers that you would only require for a short while. So the users could now begin taking your relevant call notes now with justAnote.

It is also vividly enumerated that there are new features to be implemented for making your call notes. They would satisfy your needs and easy to share among your audience. justAnote Android is your call notes organizer and pragmatically created to make your life simple.

justAnote important features for your Android smartphone:

  • Call notes
  • Choice of Written call notes
  • Voice memos / voice call notes
  • Integrated with email, contacts and calendar
  • “Auto close” for max privacy
  • Nice design, Color tags and key categories
  • Plug in and play
  • Adequately Supports Multilingual: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Mandarin

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