Infolio – Top Task management and team collaboration app

Infolio – Top Task management and team collaboration app
Infolio – Top Task management and team collaboration app

When I saw Infolio – Top Task management and team collaboration app, I was primarily obsessed by the concept and I’ve finally had good time to dive into the app after a lot of analysis. I have to surely admit that Infolio app benefits global users in all aspects. This app satisfies all requirements for users and I recommend checking out Infolio if you are a fan of this kind of app.

If you have followed reviews here at AppsRankr, you’ll know that we are fan of unique introduction of apps, particularly when they bring something distinctive to the users. In getting project works done, the collaboration software or a project management tool would be beneficial. Infolio would be good product to everybody who is task-oriented. It offers an all-in-one project collaboration tool that adeptly helps in delivering faster results. More specifically the application has Kanban task boards, virtual information spaces, built-in chat and everything integrated into one powerful and easy-to-use tool.

They have a clean, simple, yet powerful platform; Infolio is superlative for smaller teams, remote teams and for someone who is working from home. Interestingly this app of Infolio is also completely free to use. It comes with Kanban boards, custom fields, calendar, collaborative visual spaces, project chats and much more.

What Really Goes into Infolio App That Works and How to get start with Infolio

Getting started with Infolio is as simple and it comes with the following steps. To start with a project, you must add a new task, describe it, and add more tasks. We then have to invite, assign, chat and collaborate with the team members. Later then, we can group all of them by list or by statuses.

The application provides a space for content and visual thinking. The users will be able to search the different tasks and filter them. All the work to be done can be viewed under different perspectives. It is qualitatively well equipped with a CRM that makes it easy for us to execute everything easily.

Infolio – Top Task management and team collaboration app

Key Features of Infolio

  • The visual boards for collaboration that is linked to both projects and individual tasks
  • It has clean and simple UI with custom fields
  • Executes custom workflows with custom statuses
  • The educational templates for product discovery and project management
  • It assist you save money that you spend on other project management tools
  • They can easily be used as an alternate for Trello/Asana, Slack, Gsuite and DropBox all of which charge per user.

Moreover Infolio is free to use and there is no limit to the team size or the number of projects. The firm doesn’t ask for any credit card. All the features are included in the trial version of the application. The unlimited projects and team members, unlimited boards and spaces, cloud service integrations, custom fields and all other features are available in both the plans.

The Standard and Professional plans differ only by the storage space where they come with 1 GB and 50 GB respectively. More specifically, priority support and personal onboarding come with the professional plan. Infolio team can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, Product Hunt and LinkedIn.


No matter what global users are into, it is just downright satisfying to experience this popular app namely Infolio. I was really pulled not only did it feature many things, but useful for everyone. Seriously, what’s not to adore here?