Impossible Rush Run

Impossible Rush Run
Impossible Rush Run

Though sometimes users require analyzing new mobile game app arrivals through qualitative steps, most of the time they wish to unwind with something unique special gameplan app features like you find out in this new app namely Impossible Rush Run developed by AymaneGames.

Impossible Rush Run arcade game is addictive and engaging where users have to slide the basket on the screen to catch several items namely as Rain drops, candies, balls that falls at steady speed all over the board. The Impossible Rush Run is one of the best ball falling games that make you more interested.

How to Play

This exclusive game needs intense concentration as you have to catch ball that keeps falling at increasing speed momentum with your basket. You can adjust and move the basket along the screen as this ball falling game only offers you five chances before its game over for you. Global users must pay attention to the pace of balls in order to catch it before they fall.

Impossible Rush Run

Most of the games in 2019 are professionally designed to hit zero at the first miss of the target, but whereas, this basket fall mobile game strongly focuses on the rewarding player experience by using 5 lives countdown before the game is over. Thus the gaming experience promises you the challenge with high-speed item drop all over the screen to reach the highest possible score with the immense ability to make up a missed catch.

The users can enjoy game customization to select from the exciting themes for the gameplay. Moreover the newly introduced Halloween based theme is visually appealing where the speed drop items are pumpkin candies to collect in your baskets.

You have the simple game mechanism which will make you professional in no time, all you have to do is slide the basket along your device screen and catch ball that falls your way before missing and beat your own score record every time.

Impossible Rush Run

Basic Goal Factors

  • Move it (Basket)
  • Catch it (drop items)
  • Score it

Generally if you miss it you lose it. They are so addictive and definitely in for a ride with this fun engaging basket fall game. This game offers interesting gameplay theme and challenge your motor skills every time with speedy ball drops as you catch them with the basket before they. Finally we highly suggest Impossible Rush Run game if you are searching for a distinctive and unique game features with all entertaining aspects.



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