No matter what global users are into, it is just downright satisfying to experience this new app namely HOWZIT developed by MithrAI Inc. I was really pulled not only did it feature many things, but useful for everyone. Seriously, what’s not to adore here? Moreover it is the only AI-powered messenger with Emotional intelligence.

Important Features of HOWZIT

Translation Services

It is the first translation chats to work ever for sake of users. So language can be a barrier no more while chatting. You can send your message in your local language and your recipient receives the message in his language automatically.

You can see the seamless text translation at work and you never have to worry about being misunderstood.This key feature comes in handy especially in group chats when each user speaks a different language. You do not have to wait to copy each text to translate. The online chat translation services can be used to connect, promote business, create networks with friends worldwide who text in different languages. 


A picture is worth a thousand words. But if the words can be added in the form of audio to the same picture, it expresses more. Hence the concept of adding audio to pictures, the Auimages. Take image from a camera or gallery and share every minute detail by recording your voice and sharing it with your friends. You can personalize sharing memories of your college days, cherishable moments or adding important details on your demo in business etc.. Audio Images or Auimages definitely brings out more.



No more hassle of inviting friends by email, lengthy group texts, just use HowzIt Gathers. Gathers invitations are to coordinate events for any occasions such as birthday parties, study groups, potlucks etc. Send invitations, get instant RSVP’s, and create reminders. These paperless invites is SMS-based so your friends won’t miss it. Easy to plan, organize and stay updated on events from all your friends and family.

AI Emotion Detection – It is text that professionally conveys

With the power of AI, emotions in the texts are conveyed automatically with a change of color and fonts to describe your emotions. It is the only AI-powered messenger with “Emotional intelligence” to convey what you feel. Appropriate Emojis are auto appended every once in a while in the texts depending on whether the text is a happy one or sad one.

Manual Emotion Detection– Your Best Choice

You want to convey your emotions in texts only when needed? They give the users the choice to select manual mode so that he can control when to convey his emotions.

Privacy – Your Mobile, Your Data

They have successfully implemented the AI auto emotion algorithm to run on your devices seamlessly with no need to process data on our servers.


Public Chats – Connecting People, Connecting Emotions.

You can enjoy Chatting on random topics to anonymous friends using HowzIt Public Groups. It is possible to search any group by topic or location and also can view a list of trending groups to join. Your identity will remain a secret by using nicknames and you can post any questions or voice your opinions on trending topics.

Develop a Vibrant Community – #Hashtag Public Groups

Create an open group of your liking using hashtags. Let new friends with common interest search using location and hashtags. Enjoying public group chats.

Invite To Groups – Invite with Ease

Feel free to invite your friends to the group of your choice and join them in the fun.



Greet your nearest and dearest for any special occasions with the customised greeting cards. Even more easily share it to your contacts either with texts or recorded voice.

HOWZIT Media – Fun Sharing

  • Send or forward images, location or contacts to keep the peer or group chats interactive.
  • Share Files, Location, audios, Videos with friends and family

Swipe to Reply – Easy Reply

  • Swipe to reply to texts easily anywhere in chats.


It is the easiest and most convenient way to rotate your profile pictures without having to manually taking the trouble to select good pictures to set as profile pictures everyday. The users can select 7 display pictures, save it and it auto switches everyday.


If people followed news about this app namely HOWZIT developed by MithrAI Inc for the past several weeks, then you will know that how familiar with salient features which wholly benefit global users.


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