Hi Lord


Hi Lord

You could find lot of gaming is on the cards lately, but every now global user always like to return to familiar game of Hi Lord. It is the one you should be picking up for iOS and Android.

It is a battle action game which forms the strongest units through collecting several monster cards and defeats enemies with skill attack, avoidance skill, and various attack techniques. The zeal players can also identify unique skills and battle characteristics of each monster to develop the perfect deck.

Hi Lord

As an absolute lord, the players can control warriors, beasts, and mages and use them in battle. You can also understand weakness, strength chart and after that characteristic of monsters to adeptly compose the best units.

Even if players have the best monster cards, if you neglect the monster training and combat, you would be the loser Lord. Moreover you must overcome your enemies and get battle superiority with skill, card upgrade. It would be the power of victory. There is possibility that sometimes you can defeat powerful enemies through cooperation with other Lords. Finally the God will stand with until you have prevailed.

Hi Lord

Important Features of Hi, Lord

  • Adept side scroll style action RPG game
  • Actively experience the real-time battle game with people around the world.
  • Users can collect cute, sexy and unique monsters
  • Comprises strategic combat system using unique skills and avoidance technology
  • Players will fight short and intense battles.

In conclusion if users are efficaciously searching for a special kind of battle action game to sink their mind into this weekend, then Hi, Lord will completely satisfy with entertainment. Also if you’re passionate fan of action game games in general, then Hi, Lord is one that you must check out this on weekend. It is a special title people would be coming back over again in the future, and I strongly recommend it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a challenging game.




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