Hexologic New Mobile Puzzle Game is fun


Are you up for trying a new game? One that is fresh, exciting, visually appealing, challenging and fun – all at the same time? Of course you are – who isn’t! Hexologic New Mobile Puzzle Game is extremely fun and relaxing.

Well, mobile game creators MythicOwl have launched a new mobile puzzle game that will be just what you need.

What’s Hexologic?

With Hexologic, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful world of hexagons and fall in love with Sudoku again. It contains 60 levels (plus a few more hidden levels) designed down to the smallest details with well-balanced puzzles. There are 4 completely different game worlds, each with unique gameplay mechanics along with an atmospheric soundtrack to accentuate the game’s ambiance.

Hexologic New Mobile Puzzle Game is fun

If you don’t regularly enjoy puzzle games, at least give Hexologic a chance. It’s not your boring old game with aged gameplay and controls. Hexologic is swift, appealing and exciting the entire way through. The creators have done an excellent job of making everything entertaining for all users – young and old.

Not confident in your sudoku and puzzle skills? No problem. The game includes great guidance as you begin your journey into this great world of hexagons.

What’s MythicOwl?

MythicOwl is a young app creating company that has been at it for quite a few years now. To date, they have released 8 apps available to download.

Late last year, they released the helpful app for parents called Parenting Hero. It was created in collaboration with two well-known authors Joanna Faber and Julie King, and did quite well.

All the games released by MythicOwl are aimed to not “waste the player’s time. We want our products to improve the skills and knowledge of the users,” according to their website. From trying out many of these games, I believe they have succeeded.

Hexologic New Mobile Puzzle Game is fun

Tomasz Mularczyk is the CEO of MythicOwl and approaches their apps with a focus on education.

“I strongly believe education is the key to the future. Our games combine the development of skills with entertainment,” said Mularczyk in his website bio.

Where can I get Hexologic?

MythicOwl’s Hexologic hit mobile app stores on May 29th, 2018. For iOs and Android users, you can buy it for just $0.99. On Steam, the game will cost $2.99.

Visit the Hexologic website to learn more about this mobile puzzle game coming to a device of yours soon!




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