Headliner for iPhone


Headliner’s prime most goal is to be the online news broadcast for the mobile generation. The active roles of broadcaster and viewer are pragmatically fused with anyone could efficaciously contribute.

Headliner for iPhone offers a perfect outlet for millennials who mostly rely on smartphones to gather news and then react to it while engaging with a popular community.

There is strong emphasis on rich content which should enumerate both relating to informative and entertaining manner. In present context this popular Headliner is successfully redefining the news broadcast for the mobile generation. It is eventually news broadcast that could be consumed anywhere, developed anywhere, and is more social, interactive, and organic format. Their qualitative algorithm assures a experience, with the content curated from talented people everywhere.

Headliner for iPhone

Headliner would become your source of top news, delivered in quality videos made by the most entertaining people out there by special users. Like most people high entertainment time was spent consuming different forms of news namely as election news, sports news, celeb news, local news about restaurants, shops and events. But the experience of consuming all kinds of news was simply not so entertaining and boring too. The passionate mission of headliner is to actively spice up the news and make it as much entertaining for users.

They thrived for getting sports news from die-hard fans, entertainment news from familiar movie and reputed TV buffs, interesting election news from political junkies and just about any exclusive news from comedians.  Headliner primarily focused on vision which is introduced as a news broadcast for the mobile generation, where anybody could upload their 20-second take on a news headline and personalize it with their humor, or any other thing. In case if more people watch your videos and follow you, then the effective algorithm would trace you into the Featured Feed. In conclusion it’s time for the next generation of media.

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