Futurama for iOS


Futurama for iOS by wooga is one of those few games that will keep you engaged and entertained. It is a match-four puzzle by Game of Drones so it would appeal to both fans of Futurama as well as the matching game genre. It is one of those games that are best for amateur and hardcore game players.

The game looks simple and could experience all key characters with hearing quirky bits of dialogue. The game play is fairly challenging due to the match-four concept and oddly shaped grids. The varied objectives make to keep the game fresh, and also have high replay value found.

The developers ensured that you would keep playing all levels without getting bored-especially for the game lovers. The visuals in Futurama for iOS absolutely retain the classic style of the cartoon series. The graphics are flashy, with smooth animations. It has the best opening theme music playing in the background.

Futurama for iOSLike most other matching puzzle games, the Game of Drones has players going through levels one-by-one, and meeting specific objectives before they’re able to move on to the next relevant stage.

There are several main objectives comprising in clearing out specific number of certain colour drones, getting rid of toxic waste, destroying boxes, and more. The zeal players have to think a bit more carefully about their moves before making them. Though the levels are all in oddly shaped grids, the players have more freedom when it comes to moving them around. For making game more amazing, there are enemy drones that would be sent you way, and users have to do battle with them through battle drones.

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