Eltima USB Network Gate


USB Network Gate is primary solution to the USB sharing task. This efficacious software permits users to scan, print, and fax from any computer in the office. For ordering to control the remote access to shared devices password protection could be expediently added. By this app the global users could easily share various USB devices over network.

The users can utilize USB devices in virtual environments & blade servers. They are also able to connect to USB device in virtualization software or a blade server where international users just need installing USB Network Gate on both host operating system and a guest one and access your USB peripherals right away. Moreover VMware, VMware ESX, Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Hyper­V are efficaciously supported.

Eltima USB Network Gate

One could also share and access USB over RDP namely Remote Desktop Protocol. The remote Desktop connection primarily doesn’t permit you to access and utilize USB devices connected to the computer where users are working with. But if international users have USB Network Gate it is possible to work with USB devices through RDP session easily.

You can also share and access USB devices over Wi­Fi. Anyone in the same WiFi network could pragmatically access a USB device without transferring it from machine to machine, without any need to change the network configuration. No aspects if that is a printer or a scanner or other USB device that every global user in the office has to use, it could be utilized on multiple computers just as if it was professionally connected to each of them.

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