Dragon Ninja Rush for Android


Though passionate global users have gone through several ninja games on other devices over the years, there will always be the one special ninja game that keeps coming back to experience good aspects. Dragon Ninja Rush for Android by FunTag Games is one of the specially designed games for benefit of global players.

The app developers had quality mission to develop experiences that fascinate users in the ninja adventure. It was adeptly gifted for sake of users with several fun oriented features. Primarily FunTag Games is a Portland-based company that makes gaming applications for mobile devices. They efficaciously focus on addictive games.

Dragon Ninja Rush for Android

The people might have seen the movies about the ninja and thriller moves. It is true that there are numerous mythical stories that surround the ninja clan. With this popular game the global players can take a brave ninja forward rushing across picturesque levels, dodging enemy attacks and avoiding traps. Finally you can test your reflexes and become a ninja master in this best android game.

The players must be attentive and tap the buttons in time to make the character jump over obstacles or slide under them. One should not forget to dodge shurikens, overcome abysses, and get through thick sharp bamboo and other relevant obstacles. Also the global players must stay away from red bulls and other enemies. It is always good to pick up golden coins and power-ups to set a new record.

Dragon Ninja Rush for Android Game features:

  • Unique ninja characters
  • Handy system of controls
  • Interesting levels
  • Various bonuses and power-ups
  • High score

Dragon Ninja Rush for Android

Key ways to play the game:

  • Actively tap to slide or jump over obstacles.
  • Must defeat opponents and cover as much distance as possible.
  • Gaining distance is vital.
  • Gems and coins required to be collected.

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