BroadTags for iPhone


In this modern era of mobile app technology # is the most trending symbol on the internet these days. So the global users might be following Messi, but it might be a different personality who has started the tweet and therefore you’d miss it. So now is the apt time to change the latest trend.

It is better to stop following names and start following what’s actually trending. So are you ready for the massive change? BroadTags for iPhone expediently follows a very simple rule.

When you type in the search box, the users are not looking for a specific person but a particular hashtag that’s actually trending very rapidly. So if you’re looking for the t-shirts in fashion, just type them in and there you go. Moreover BroadTags brings you all the familiar hashtags right on your homepage.

The global users could check them out one by one and if you like the content, you could begin following them and any new update would naturally be fed to you. In case if users have something “specific ” on their mind, go and explore. There are numerous beneficial options available and users could never get tired of them.

BroadTags for iPhone

Apart from following others, the global users could also add their own posts as well. It could be a piece of text, any vivid image or a quality video from your latest outing that you’d like to share with others. If users wish to share this post with anyone who’s not on this network, you could qualitatively share it on popular Facebook or Twitter as well.

The in-app custom photo filters are also efficaciously available. If anybody likes or comments on your posts, the users get instantly notified and this actually opens up some scope for conversation. It is possible to check out the profile of the people and if you adore their posts send them a relevant message. It is therefore a one-on-one conversation and entirely private. No one from outside knows whom you talk or resond to. Eventually like-minded people always get along well.

Trending topics is the most interesting hobby within the large community online at this present moment. You might well remember how last year the #Floods trended across the globe within days and soon millions were pouring helping hand to affected people. It’s nice to be a part of the large community and keep abreast of latest trends for which BroadTags greatly assisted users to keep in touch perfectly.

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