Away for iOS


Away for iOS by Franz Bruckhoff of Taptanium is the white noise app that is sure to help international users to achieve zen after a busy day. If you have been looking for a white noise app that brings sensational outdoors to you, then it is best trying out Away.

The Away app offers users the lucrative forest scenes that move freely and have depth of 3-D parallax technology. So global users could simply move their device around and the scene would actively shift, allowing you to view more of your surroundings.

The scenes look lucrative, as if they are just works of art on your screen, and full of textures with details. The colors are vivid and the forest just looks as green lush as users would imagine in dreams.

The animations in Away are smooth and fluid. The 3-D sounds in Away are soothing, since international users hear the sounds of the forest. While global users could use Away with just the device speakers, it is highly recommended to use headphones or ear buds for expedient experience.

Away for iOS

When you begin Away for the first time, the users get short introduction and then app permits you to get started with relaxing session right away. The international users could just tap on the Play button to start the white noise, and just sit back for unwind. The global users could pause at any time by gently tapping the same button.

The best feature of Away is the fact that there is a microphone on the screen that users are able to drag around. The wildlife which is illustrated in the scene would change depending on the time of day, and this means that several sounds are available when users move the virtual microphone around. This is unique for those who wish to use these white noise apps to help in getting some sleep, and not have to worry about the app running all night long.

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