AR Maneki Neko is the best fortune-telling app


AR Maneki Neko is the best fortune-telling app

Most of us are curious and conscious about our fortune. There is a virtual Japanese cat which will expediently tell you your fortune. This cat would also jump and dance in the different pose. In addition, from the name itself, you can easily predict that it is Augmented Reality with the assistance of which users can wholly experience the cat into the real camera. Eventually AR Maneki Neko is the best fortune-telling app.

AR Maneki Neko is found to be adept 3D Fortune Cat teller with latest innovation. The users can expediently predict their fortune with cute virtual Japanese cat by AR Maneki Neko. It is best regarded to be unique augmented reality virtual Maneki Neko (Lucky Cats or Fortune Cats) simulator. More particularly in Japan Maneki-neko it is believed to bring good luck to the owner.

AR Maneki Neko is the best fortune-telling app

It is also described that the Maneki Neko Japanese cats dance, jump, pose for pictures, looks at your and also adeptly performs O-mikuji fortune telling through real-world environments. So the users can open the box and discover their own personal destiny teller cat.

The users can simply discover, and care their own unique Fortune Cat with O-mikuji fortune & anticipate telling cute kitty. The O-mikuji predict the person’s chances of his or her destiny hopes coming true, of finding a good match for marriage, love, generally matters of health, wealth, fortune, wishes, life, etc.

Salient Features of AR Maneki

  • The cat offers magic coin each day so collect them all
  • You can redeem your coins to get O-mikuji random freak hoping for the resulting fortune to be good with blessings!
  • Adeptly designed for ARKit and support ARKit2
  • Has AR i.e. Augmented Reality for the integration of Cat in the real time for the realistic experience.
  • Simple to find different cats which have different themes for fortuity telling!
  • The users can come across many accessories available for prospect assumption
  • Can go for Social network integration with Facebook, developing compatible Instagram pictures

AR Maneki Neko is the best fortune-telling app

This destiny telling app of AR Maneki Neko has high quality 3D rendering using lighting physics and actual material values to accurately model how light interacts with a surface.

More importantly each user gets a different cat with different theme like “Good Health”, “Warding off Bad Spirits”, “Successful Career”, “Love”, “Wealth”, “Academic Achievement” and “Friendship”. Among other key aspects you can take picture with their dragon and share it with your family & friends. Eventually when you will collect all the coins, you will be able to unlock accessories.

It is possible to collect coins every day and exchange for more cats to finish your collection and unlock accessories. The users can adeptly open the AR Maneki Neko box and find the exciting treasure. So like to know your fortune? Then download AR Maneki Neko today and your own fortune telling cat. It is possible predict chance and high hopes of coming true.



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