I’m sure you will have heard the popular online music promotion app namely 50Artists50States developed by C.C.M, not just from us but from other means too. In 2019, we don’t have the usual gatekeepers who decide whether you receive the mass exposure your music deserves, users can now be in whole control of your online music promotion with this 50Artists50States app.

This 50Artists50States app has been created with the perfect platform for unsigned artist to get discovered worldwide. You can download the app today and check out, rate and follow some incredible unsigned artist. The app qualitatively figures featured Mix Tapes, hosted Mix Tapes and Repyostate Mix type series which are qualitative, especially with many salient features in music player.

The user menu permits you to edit your profile, search unsigned artist and keep track of who’s hot on their website. You can create your own playlists. Also select the artist you want to add to your playlist from the artist profile pages. You can also share your playlist with your friends on other social Medias. In addition have your friends rate your playlist.

Important Features of 50Artists50States

  • Visit artist profiles
  • Follow artist on their social Medias
  • Add artist to your playlist
  • Rate artist music
  • Purchase artist music if available
  • Get paid to listen to music
  • Keep count of every track you have heard on the app
  • Request payment once you reached your quota

It is possible to get many thousands of people to share your music. In order to do this, you require establishing a core audience who are loyal fans and have been used to interacting with you.  50Artists50States app largely helps you in get indentified and shine amazingly.

In the past few years, it’s become difficult for me to find developers who continue to release quality online music promotion app that I will purchase without hesitation. Fortunately, C.C.M is one of those firms who launched top notch app namely 50Artists50States, and I must admit that they’re rather beneficial.

Though music that does the talking when it comes to the success of your music, but with use of 50Artists50States developed by C.C.M there is a whole realm of success factors which can get you noticed easily. If you have the strong ability to entertain your potential fans with great music’s, then 50Artists50States app is absolutely the option to take.


If you are searching for special online music promotion app, then I suggest giving 50Artists50States developed by C.C.M a look. The various features that you come across fit the user’s requirements rather well, and are pretty quality.



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